Massive object ejects out of Black Hole berichtet über:

Impossible cosmic event: NASA telescope captures moment massive object ejects out of Black Hole

They say that nothing is impossible and that anything remains in the unknown until it is found, eventually changing all previous criteria. This is the case with a mysterious, supermassive black hole and an incredible object that somehow managed to escape it.

In what was a super rare cosmic phenomenon, NASA telescopes were able to capture the moment a mysterious object managed to escape a supermassive Black Hole.

The enigmatic and rare cosmic event redefined nearly everything we know about Black Holes. While we thought in the past that Black holes –especially supermassive black holes– captured everything into them even light and that the gravity of these cosmic devourers was so strong that NOTHING could ever escape them, the universe has proven to be full of surprises, teaching us that not always do these events make sense.

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